The Rules

First thing I want to say when talking about The Rules is that The Rules are open to interpretation. This is intended to be a living document that changes with time and how hungry I may be at a given moment.  Concessions will be made.

1. This is a bicycle trip.  This might seem obvious, but it needs to be said.  That doesn’t mean hitch hiking with a bike, riding trains with a bike or flying in airplanes with a bike.  Just keep pedaling. 

2. Eat food. Like, all the time.

3. This is fun. Even when it’s not.

4. Learn some words. Lots of different countries. Lots of different ways to say “Can we camp here?”

5. Have a coffee. When in doubt. Stop, have a coffee, and see what happens.

6. Never believe directions from non-cyclists. Unless they are good directions.

7. Stick to the small roads. Sure, they are steep, unpaved and rutted. But who’s counting?

8. Ride healthy. If either one of us is sick, we stay put. Recovering from illness on bike tour is difficult at best.

9. Don’t pay to sleep. This is critical to staying on budget. Staying on budget is critical to completing this trip.

10. Stop and see it. We’re only going to be there once.

11. This isn’t a race. It’s easy (for me at least) to get tunnel vision and just keep riding. Make sure to make time to soak in the ambiance. See also #10.

5 responses to “The Rules

  1. When I got to #2 I was thinking of Ethiopia and thought “Oooh and drink lots of coffee!” …then I got to #5 😉 Great minds. I definitely hope I can get out there for some of the trip.

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