Eurasia Route Map


This is the general idea for the route. It is subject to change at any moment due to road conditions, obtaining visas, and our personal feelings. Our goal is approximately 1000 miles/ 1610 k m per month that comes to a daily total of  33 miles /  53 km per day, everyday. Some days may be more some less and this does take into account rest days. This stuff will be factored in along the way.




6 responses to “Eurasia Route Map

  1. Whenever you go into a store, one of you guards your gear. Friend me on facebook. I have… over a hundred bike friends around the world (that I’ve never met!). Network with them. I gave up cooking my own food, too much gear to carry. I ate a lot of: one each, corn and flour tortillas with nut butter, cheese, nuts and dried fruit. As dusk approuched, I would stop at a road side farm stand and ask if they were going to throw anything away. They usally wanted to give me several pounds of fruit and veggies. Hotels and motels have free coffee – if you ask politely; “We are riding our bicycles around the world, would you consider donating a cup of coffee to the cause?” I had a sign on my back “BikeToAustralia” and calling cards (not business cards but same size) with my blog, name, email, etc. I am BikeToAustralia on Facebbook

  2. I Just found your project, and it is strangely similar to something on my bucket list, so I’ll be living vicariously through you two.

    Will you be putting a post on your budget/ cost of travel through different countries?

    • I’ll let you know what our budget is since it has been no secret here. The plan is for $1,000 USD per month and that does include all visa fees. I know peoples budgets for these tours is hard to come by. I will try and keep an up to date and daily cost of living budget.
      Thanks for the comment and keep checking in, I’ll try to keep you updated.

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