Gearing up Again

We it seems that we haven’t quite learned our lesson from the last time…

Only seven months since our toes finally touched home soil and now there are plans in the making for another adventure. This time with friends! Maybe it takes time equal to the duration spent abroad before the mind seriously is ready to move forward again? 

Normalcy is only temporary, and not a place I want to be grounded in. 

Plans are in the staging process for another bike tour. This time our limitations have been realized, expatiations dumbed down, and the time frame shortened.

The two of us have started the recruitment process, as of right now it is rather small  in scale. Some of the best memories on our last tour were spent  traveling in a large pack with fellow cyclists. It allowed us to move in a more safe manner on the tarmac and kept us more secure while camping. Few of the people we know would be up for such a challenge and even fewer have taken an active interest. This tour wouldn’t be nearly as long as our last. Shortening up the time frame for cycling allows others to organize their lives accordingly so that they might be able to join us with out uprooting their entire lives. As of now the guess is 2 1/2 months with a total of 8 weeks cycling through 3000 kilometers of various terrain. Not everyone is prepared or even able to adhere to such a schedule but we are trying to encourage all who can, to come along.


Starting in Porto Monte Chile where we will start cycling  through to the last city at the tip of Argentina, Ushuaia. There will be some sightseeing, a little hiking,  loads camping, and even more cycling.

Another once in a lifetime chance to observe the world outside your own. Patagonia

4 responses to “Gearing up Again

  1. The roads are a little better down there than what I imagine in central asia, you’ll love it! Have been vicariously enjoying your guys’ adventures since the start since randomly coming across your site. Roll on and ride safe! -ben in AK

    • Thanks for the encouragement Ben! Mostly what we are excited for is the quiet open road and loads of camping. We have all the gear and it’s been 7 months since we have used it. Time to get rolling again! Though with 1300kms of gravel I think the tires are in need of upgrading.

    • We won’t be leaving until January 2015, if you still want to bike tour then you should come along. It will only me 2 months this time.

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