Camping Supplies

But… Where will you sleep?

MSR 20 oz. Fuel Bottle Fits nicely in that 3rd water bottle holder cage on the bottom side of most touring bicycles. ( Make sure that if you ride a Surly LHT that you can still turn your front wheel.)

MSR Whisperlite Stove I wish I would have known about the Trangia stoves. But this is what I have now. (5/24/13 Trangia will be sent forward to Sofia Bulgaria after the pump when out on this stove, 5000 km and now I guess I’m getting the one I really wanted, damn those import fees!)

GSI Cook Set (stripped down) I got rid of the strange cups and only kept the pot, pan, & sink. Inside this fits 2 plates, 2 sporks, can opener, spatula, dishrag, cutting board (coming soon) & the stove

Snow Peak Ti Plates Funny how the cook set doesn’t come with these.

Sporks x 2 Actually there are 3, you can never have enough sporks.

Pocket Knife Along with various Gerbers.  (Lost one and bought another in France)

4 Stainless Steel Mugs of various sizes and models

Platypus Gravity Filter Plus 1 extra filter

MSR 4 Liter Dromlite Bag x2 For those long hauls in desert climates.

Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 Person Tent Still am unsure about this? I’m not impressed with the way the zippered doors work but it saves a bunch on weight.

Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bag x2 These shed more then a pound from our previous bags and gained comfort degrees. Worth it? I hope so!

Sleeping Bag Liner x2 Adds warmth and makes it so we have to clean them less. Brian is a furnace when he sleeps.

Exped Air Pillow L x2 A little bit of nice on the road.

Exped Synmat 7.5 m and mat cover x2 Off the ground = better sleep.

Ortlieb Folding Sink This is more for personal hygiene then anything else but I couldn’t figure out where else to list it.

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