Odds and Ends.

REI Duffel Bag XL -This was the largest bag you can get on an airplane without going over the size limit and having to pay extra, remember it still need to be under 50 lbs (Suckers weighed 2 lbs each! They went home)

Bungee Cords (How many? Uncertain at this point.)

Sea to Summit Cordura Daypack -When walking about town.

Nikon Binoculars -Bird watching is a hobby (Never actually made it into the pack)

Small Trench Spade aka “Shit Shovel” (Didn’t need this)

Granite Gear Sacks -These are our pack systems, all are different sizes and hold everything from clothing, medicine, and power cords. I also carry one of  these for my Sleeping bag instead of the sack that comes with it. A little added protection.

First Aid Kit, that includes Triple Antibiotic, Moles Skin, Needle, Thread, and Bandages (I’m still working this one out)

Mini Survival Kit –Just in case?

See Pouch x2 -These are to keep the Passports clean and dry while in transit. A glorified floating plastic baggy.

Bag full of Medicines, mostly it will be antimalarial, antibiotics, pain relievers, Dulcolax , Pepto Chew tabs, (Amy has stomach problems with the antimalarials this helps) a years supply of Prevacid (Brian’s acid issues), Melatonin, and a few antihistamines.

P-style Women will understand this


Shower Shoes, just a pair of $2 flip flops from Target

I’m going to leave out most of the hygiene stuff, mostly because I don’t think anyone cares and because I’m sure it will chance wildly throughout the tour.

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