We sure like gadgets.

Here are some of the Electronics and other such things that we will be carrying with us. It seems like a bit to much but we hope to be doing loads of documenting for the blog and more importantly ourselves.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Unlocked Ok so it’s not unlocked at the moment but I’m working on it, just a bit lazy.

Garmin Edge 200 Bike Computer, Amy’s This is what I use to track my progress at home and I love the numbers it gives me. I’m a bit of a data nerd, just not sure what to do with it all? (Sent this home while in Spain, used it never)

Lenovo Think Pad (1 each, we don’t share) We each have our own personalized version, you can customize your own from the Lenovo website.

Amy’s Camera Canon Power Shot S100 I’m more of a point and shoot kind of person but I like a little control. This one seems to give me that with out all the stress of getting the composition just right. It’s fairly smart on it’s own and the rest you can fix in photo shop.

Brian’s Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 Small, full control, and with interchangeable lenses. (The Touch Screen Broke so it was sent home with a friend)

Brian’s Actual Camera is a Sony RX100 Bought in Istanbul

Garmin etrex (Brian has an older model) Useful and works with open source maps.

Western Digital External Hard Drive You know for movies and picture storage.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 w/speaker Charging and rocking out, we’ll see how far that speaker actually lasts on this trip. (We use it all the time it turns out that this thing is worth the weight)

Go Pro Hero Main video camera (To scratched up now, unusable will be sending home next)

Eneloop Batteries and Charger

Amy’s Planet Bike HeadlightCat Eye Tail Light  Bike accessories not sure if this fits here or in the Bicycle gear post I’ll be making soon?

Brian’s Owl Eye HeadlightPlanet Bike Tail Light  Ditto

Sony MP3 Player (1 each, Amy’s is much older) Music for the down times. (This also got sent home while in Spain)

Amy’s Kindle, Wi-Fi Only I should have paid for the 3/4G Free, turns out it would have been a good thing to have on long trips. You can do basic web surfing and check e-mail from anywhere that has 3/4G .

Brian’s Kindle Touch, Wi-Fi Only

Mini Surge Protector I think this is necessary for everyone! I have watched people fry their electronics in many places because of power fluctuations and voltage differences. I do not want to blow my laptop when $14USD can save me that hassle.

Plug Adapters

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